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E-waste Statistics

Did you Know?

United Nations reported a startling statistic: the world generated 44.7 million tonnes of electronic waste in 2016 — equivalent to the weight of some 4,500 Eiffel Towers. India’s contribution to this was a significant 2 million tonnes.


What is E Waste?

As we transition from old to new, we leave behind a wake of discarded, obsolete, and sometimes archaic machines. As we increase our knowledge in technology, the lifespan of electronic products continues to diminish in length, forcing the aged devices to rapidly assemble in volume. This large, growing mass of unwanted electronics is known as E-Waste.

Benefits of E-waste Recycling

  •   Environment Protection
  •   Conservation of Recourses
  •   Energy Saving
  •   Job Creation
  •   Strong Economy

About Us

E2E is India’s fastest growing electronic waste recycling company and clean-tech pioneer, We actively promote eco-friendly reuse and recycling of electronics.
As India’s end-to-end e-Waste recycler and metal extraction company, we aim to turn today’s waste into sustainable resources for tomorrow.

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